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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Things relating to Ancient Greece that begin with R.

Rhymma - A cleanser used in bathing.

Rhamnous - A fortified Attic deme (a subdivision of land belonging to Athens). Home to ancient cults of Nemesis (indignation and retribution for Hubris) and Themis (Titan goddess of Divine Law).

'Round ships' - Merchant vessels so called because of their much rounder form than military ships.

Rural Dionysia - The second Dionysia festival celebrated in the winter month of Poseideion. Usually celebrated with procession with a statue of the god Dionysis as well as theatre performances and poetry.

Rhea - Titan goddess of female fertility and the mountain wilderness. Her husband, Cronos, swallowed every one of their children before she could hide their youngest, Zeus, who eventually overthrew his father and became king of the Olympians.

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